The Void

The Void (or VoidSM) is a social media website I'm working on developing. It's a project that's been in the works for a while, but hopefully Elon Musk buying Twitter will give me the push I need to work on it more!

This website is basically just a temporary landing page for the domain name I bought. I promise, the real website will look much better than this! This domain name might change, so know that you can always find it at This website will be updated if I change the domain name, and will include the current domain.

Current domain name:

Help this project

There are various ways you can help me keep this project going and hurry it up. I have ADHD (and other things) which can prevent me from focusing on one thing for a long time, so I have a whole bunch of projects that never get finished. Here are some ways you can help me out: